Centra Health’s plans for a new medical facility

New Medical Center coming to Gretna, VA

Centra Health officials briefed their upcoming plans to expand their Centra Health Medical facilities in Gretna, VA at the Leesville Lake Association’s bi-annual general membership meeting of April, 11th, 2013.

Centra is planning to build an entirely new facility on a 13 acre site located just southeast of the Hampton Inn at the intersection of RTs 40 and 29 in Gretna, VA. This $24M major medical outpatient center will initially be one story, 50,000 sq ft building, appropriately staffed as an emergency medical center to operate 24X7 throughout the year. Centra stated this will bring 70 new full time jobs to the Gretna area.

This new medical facility will provide emergency room; primary care, laboratory, imaging, advanced life, cardiac rehabilitation, physical therapy, advanced life and cardiology services. A wellness center and other specialty clinics are planned. Three types of imaging services will be provided; a 64 slice CT scanner, nuclear imaging and ultrasound and two digital diagnostic x-ray machines.

Centra’s current medical facilities in Gretna will be relocated to the new facility when completed. This new facility will provide improved medical services to an under-served population located between Lynchburg and Danville. Travel distances to a major medical facility will be greatly reduced as ambulance and helicopter services will be available on an as needed basis.

Current status of this project:
-Centra Board of Directors has approved this $24M project
-Centra is awaiting the State Health Commissioner’s approval of the Certificate of Public Need (COPN). The COPN is expected to be issued in the October-November 2013 timeframe
-While awaiting the COPN, Centra has filed a request to build
-Building design and construction designs are complete. The construction process is expected to take 18 months

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